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Quintana Roo: Plans to Reinforce measures against Hurricanes

As we begin this hurricane season 2015 “Together for Safety” a program formed by the alliance of municipal authorities, trucking companies and unions from the tourism service, joined together to protect life, property, citizens and tourists in the case of weather contingency.

This program established by the mayor of Lazaro Cardenas, Luciano Sima Cab has decreased the incidence of robberies on buses on routes linking Chiquilá with Merida, Cancun and Playa del Carmen to the increase of tourist flow to Holbox Island, and is also an ally of the Civil Protection authorities in case of hurricane.

This is because of the presence of the weather phenomenon El Niño, which inhibits the formation of both the number of tropical cyclones and their intensity.

Therefore, Leo Gomez said that under the program “Together for Safety” units of federal transportation are prepared to act in support of the authorities to any weather contingency “to safeguard during transport both tourists and residents in the case of a hurricane. “

In this regard, the president of the Hotel Association of Holbox, Carlos Grouches, recalled that “Together for Safety” was established by the mayor of Lazaro Cardenas, Luciano Sima Cab, as there were reports that criminals seized belongings of tourists, especially foreigners.

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