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Predictions for Hurricane Season 2015

Whether you’re planning a beach getaway, or a quick vacation to the Caribbean, you should consider the risk of a hurricane disrupting your trip. Here’s a little peak at the hurricane season and what you can expect in 2015.

The good news is that there will be a new Mexican Hurricane Agency, the first of its kind in the country, it will be placed in Merida and will begin operations in August 2015 -right on the half of the cyclone season this next year.

This weather intelligence center, which will depend on the National Water Commission (Conagua), will have the task of predicting the behavior of hurricanes, severe storms and other phenomena of its kind, to provide the information necessary for the protection of population and the necessary inputs for the design of public policies related to water and civil protection.

And, facing the reality of climate change Mexico is sure to have hurricanes coming even stronger, more continuous and even outside the marked season which is between May 15th and November 30th regular season for tropical storms, according to estimates from the same Commission.

Should we focus on the number of storms?

Yes and no. The only storms most of us need to worry about are those that actually make landfall, which can have little correlation to the total number of storms in any given season. For example, 2010 was an extremely busy season, with 19 named storms and 12 hurricanes.

On a lucky streak, The Riviera Maya has not had a landfalling hurricane since Wilma.

What does it mean for my vacation plans?

Statistically, there is a very low risk that a storm will impact your vacation. Still, if you’re planning to vacation in Playa or the Riviera Maya, the Caribbean during hurricane season, you might consider opting for a hotel with a hurricane guarantee. Typically, if your trip is cancelled or interrupted due to a storm, you can be refunded up to the limit of coverage. Note that in most cases, it’s always better to ask your hotel to see if they have the best hurricane protection system on earth, For further information on a list of hotels we have protected click here and leave your contact info and we will be sure to get back to you!

Your hotel needs to have the right protection, you need to feel safe…



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