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New time zone for Quintana Roo to give an extra hour of light in the winter


With 258 votes in favor of members of all parties, one against and one abstention, the Congress approved Thursday afternoon creating a new time zone for Quintana Roo reference to the meridian 75, which is the prevailing in the eastern United States, which in fact would result being an hour ahead of the rest of the country in winter, but in summer the same time the center of the country would.

Thus, during the winter, instead of starting to get dark at 17:30 pm in Quintana Roo begin to darken until 18:30. Also be dawn later. The initiative will take effect on February first.

The move sparked immediate reactions on social networks, both for and against the advisability of sticking to a schedule that favors tourism activities over the real needs of the population.

The initiative, driven by the PRD Deputy Graciela Saldaña, enable more sunshine hours during the winter time and this will be exploited not only for tourism but, this will generate energy savings of between 21 000 285 and 23 000 454 megawatts per hour, which would result in savings in consumption, particularly in the hotel sector, since 60% of turnover corresponds to the same hotel sector spends monthly 150 million pesos.

“With this simple but important change to the second and third of the Law of Time System items would be in a position to stop emitting at least 20,000 tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere each year,” said lawmaker also praised that Quintana Roo improve its competitiveness against US cities like Miami with whom there is a large flow of visitors.

“With the proposed changes will allow access to shorter times interconnection with 8 airports in Canada and 22 in the United States, same that are located in the proposed time zone, ie 75 degrees, meridian west,” he said.

Additionally, banking transactions and operations closures will sync with the closures of the states of the east coast of the United States, which will make transactions and travel from the northern neighbor, more agile.

So set your clock one hour ahead on the night of the 31st!

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