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Low pressures threaten the Riviera Maya

Cancun QRoo.- Various security measures have been implemented in Cancun and the Riviera Maya to ensure the safety and property of residents and visitors to the rains this weekend to mark the low pressure channel located on the Yucatan Peninsula , it has a 60% chance to become a hurricane.

For now, the only road flooding connecting the hotel zone of Cancun with the urban area and despite the showers are recorded, fast crossings are maintained Isla Mujeres, which were temporarily suspended yesterday at 21:00.

Note that due to bad climate in the Yucatan Peninsula, the port authorities have imposed restrictions on the navigation of small boats to 40 feet in length, with the consequent economic impact the income businessmen nautical services providers .

In Playa del Carmen, Solidaridad municipality, were reinforced joint actions of the City Council and number of passengers in order to prevent and respond to any eventuality population.

With the joint efforts of the Coordination of Civil Protection, Municipal Utilities, Fire Department, Public Security and Traffic assistance, among other directions of government monitoring it is maintained throughout the municipality, assisting the population at various points and responding to requests support.

Prevention, three months before the hurricane  season 2015 dredging work of the more than 2 000 700 absorption wells in the municipality of Solidaridad were performed to maintain proper operation before, during and after rainfall.

Civil Protection Coordinator, Guillermo Morales, said that various monitoring tasks and care implemented at sites where the contingency was higher, mainly addressing some avenues blocked by falling trees and branches after strong winds, without registering any involvement remain physical integrity of the population.

For its part, the management of municipal utilities made the deployment of six crews of 10 workers each performing the sewer cleaning and pruning trees to prevent the accumulation of water related housing not affect low-lying areas and allow flow vehicular traffic.

“So far we have not registered any area with serious waterlogging, only some flooding which are served promptly and equally by instruction of President Mauricio Gongora are served all calls from the population,” said Noel Crespo Vazquez, director Municipal Utility .

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