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Last year was the globe’s hottest on record

Last year was the globe’s hottest on record and as research shows, warmer ocean waters are indeed a key factor in creating more devastating hurricanes, atmospheric scientists have found. The finding confirms what many have suspected: that rising temperatures are directly linked to the upswing in hurricane intensity seen in the past few decades.


Climate scientists already know that, throughout the world, hurricanes have grown in intensity The fact that warmer seas make for harsher storms may not come as a surprise. Hurricanes are formed when water evaporating from the oceans feeds a swirling mass of clouds: the warmer the water, the more energy available for the storm.

The researchers from an American Geophysical Union journal,  concluded that both hurricane peaks coincided with periods when surface waters of the Atlantic Ocean were hotter than normal. This is perhaps unsurprising, since hot seas provide energy needed to fuel hurricanes. But it’s concerning, because similar sea surface warming is now well underway as greenhouse gas pollution heats up the globe.

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Further rises in sea temperature could mean more devastating storms  with severe implications for those with a stake in the future of  Caribbean regions.

“We’re looking at a much worse risk than people were thinking about a year ago,”  And with sea levels and rainfall set to increase as a result of global climate changes, the risk of hurricanes being originated from such storms will grow.

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