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Impact-resistant glass

impact-resistant glassWhich can cost two to three times as much as shutters, is made by bonding a combination of plastic vinyl layers and polyester film between two panes of glass, making a single sheet of glass that can also be produced with insulating glass? However, even impact-resistant glass can be penetrated by high-speed projectiles


There are impact resistant glasses that actually are not, because they are manufactured in different thicknesses. The appearance of these sheets is identical to ordinary glasses. It is, as in most specialty glass, two sheets of glass, between of them is placed a high strength plastic.
For a window or glass facade can be considered anti – hurricane should not only be made with impact resistant glass thickness, but the whole structure (openings, fasteners, sealants, etc.) must withstand winds of the same power. These are special structures that must meet certain technical requirements; this glass is considered to be unattainable for the average homeowner because is really expensive.

“Hurricane shutters and panels are the most popular types of storm protection in United States especially in South Florida, this system offer the best protection against wind and flying objects from Category 5 Hurricanes.


Since a few years before this system is available in Mexico, Hotels, Business, Government Departments and others, already are using the system due to their low price and easily installation, however the major feature of this system is the resistance against to Category 5 Hurricanes and beyond. Although its cost is affordable for everyone, unfortunately a lot of people delay buying until a hurricane is coming, and then it’s too late. And after a storm passes, interest goes down.


Hurricane Solution passed the most difficult test to pass and is the only one that will be able to protect to you against to Category 5 Hurricanes, is a practical choice for commercial structures, and affordable for the average homeowner.

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