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Hurricane solution will be attending the KAPTA annual expo conference in Cancun Quintana Roo.

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Kapta Supplier Expo celebrates its 19th edition this year; this grand event is organized by the Association of Suppliers of Quintana Roo. in conjunction with the Ministry of Economy and the Ministry of Economic Development of the Government of the State of Quintana Roo. and supported by the National Entrepreneur Fund. To enrich this great event, there will be a lot of meetings programmed: Presentation from providers with large buyers; There will be suppliers showcasing their products and services to the tourism, commercial and service industry; The opening conference, workshops and gastronomic activities, contribute to updating participants on topics relevant to their business and to Promote business improvement through workshops and conferences. Create direct access to information and advice to access support programs for companies and entrepreneurs that provide various units of Federal, State, Municipal Government, and private initiative for the formation of new companies or projects, strengthening and growth of existing.

 kapta1Hurricane solutions will be attending and sharing all the information about the service we provide, letting our possible clients know that when designing the Hurricane Solution Protection system we focused on the future while we were inventing the safest system in the World today.

Why is it important to find the right supplier?

Many companies are given great advice about how to launch their business. From building a business plan, financing, marketing, and building relationships with clients, there is a wealth of quality information available. Often overlooked, however, there is a lot of importance in choosing the right suppliers. Picking the right ones will allow your business to equip itself with the tools needed to provide a specialized service, In the case of shopping for a hurricane protection system, there are certain things you have to analyze, specially because selecting the wrong suppliers can lead to high maintenance costs, high repair costs in case of hurricane occurrence, the time it takes to install the protection system and the degree of difficulty, storage, etc.

 While price is often a major priority, many business advisors recommend examining several other critical factors as well when choosing a supplier.

Building Relationships

These are the following things people should consider when choosing a hurricane protection system

 1. Materials.  Finding the strongest materials that guarantee the protection of your business can be difficult, but you have to see that the implementation of a protection system as an investment that will ensure the safety of your building, employees and yourself.

2. Experts.  Making sure your system is installed by qualified Solution Specialists that include certified engineers and architects.  As you might have different needs, requirements, or decide to invest in a hurricane protection system as soon as you finish building, there are different measures that specialists would have to take and apply, every client is and should be treated differently.

3. Strength.  Find the strongest system on the planet.  When a storm is coming, that is the only thing that matters. So you have to make sure to look at statistics

The relationships that entrepreneurs build with suppliers are dynamic, so cultivating ones that help suppliers better understand their needs, strengthens partnerships will serve the growing business well.

The Right Fit

Another area to consider is whether the supplier is the right fit for your business. This can range from having a convenient location close to you, having a good supply of the product you need on hand and making it easy to do business with them.

 Also, try to find out what a supplier’s reputation in the marketplace is before doing business with them, check out their success stories and clients they’ve had.

 “Ask for references, it’s such an obvious thing, but many people don’t bother with it.” most suppliers are happy to show testimonials and success stories, but that doesn’t necessarily paint the full picture. “Until you pick up the phone and talk to an actual customer, you can’t really get a sense of what it’s like working with that supplier or vendor.”

So we hope you are able to attend this expo event and ask our solutions specialists all the questions you might have and see why the best companies have chosen our Hurricane protection system in Mexico and the U.S, this event will be taking place from November 5th to November 7th   at the Cancun Center (Boulevard Kukulcan KM. 9 1er Piso, Zona Hotelera, 77500 Cancún, QROO, Mexico)

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