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Baja California Sur Prepares for 19 Hurricanes this coming Hurricane Season 2015

BCS prepares for this 2015 Hurricane season to have 19 hurricanes La Paz,  the State Civil Protection Unit (UEPC), working on preventive measures to safeguard the integrity of Baja California Sur, for the 2015 season that will start the May 15, expects 19 hurricanes in the Pacific.
The director of the UEPC, Carlos Enríquez Rincón, said that according to forecasts from the National Weather System, 2015 from those 19 hurricanes there areestimated eight tropical storms estimated, four intense category hurricanes  and seven of moderate category.

For that reason, he said, there are meetings being held  with members of the State System of Civil Protection to report on preventive measures.

Enriquez said Rincón is already working on integrating the Hydrometeorological Plan to be presented during the official inauguration of the Council of Civil Protection.

Most importantly, he said that the best policy is to take preventive measures in areas considered high risk and for this task, the public will have a very active part in order to safeguard their integrity and possibly the protection of their property.

 2015 Hurricane season begins May 15 and ends on November 30th.

He insisted on having all the citizens take the correct protection measures to ensure their safety during the hurricane season, to get more information on the best Hurricane Protection system on the planet! Hurricane Solution- Click here

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