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Almost two months after hurricane Odile and many businsses in Cabo remain closed.

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Insurance companies paid $13 Billion USD in damages for Hurricane ‘Odile’

The number will increase according to the adjustments made in policies and the approval of insurance coverages; Hurricane ‘Odile’ left a trail of destruction through The Baja California Peninsula that leveled everything from homes to luxury hotels and big stores, leaving entire neighborhoods as disaster zones.

About 30,000 tourists were being put up in temporary shelters in hotels and Los Cabos international airport remained closed. Emergency officials reported that 135 people were treated for minor injuries from flying glass or falling objects, but there were no serious injuries or deaths so far.

Our team visited Cabo San Lucas to complete a report on the damages caused by Odile.  What we saw was a lot of destruction.

The news though was not all bad.  All of our clients have been contacted and in no case has damage been reported.  In fact the two hotels protected with the Hurricane Solution system did not suffer any major damages and were operating a day after the hurricane had passed.

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From what we have seen in Cabo, the culture of prevention prevention needs to be reinforced, people just don’t care about what may happen because they don’t see it coming, it’s unbelievable to them that at some point a hurricane will hit, unfortunately that’s how nature works,  and we have to be prepared, it was reported that Insurance companies paid $13 Billion USD in damages of ‘Odile’, of course we know that regular people meaning not business owners don’t always have insurance coverage, so this means that for some their life savings are going to having to fix their homes, and that’s if they are lucky to have some pesos saved in the bank, for others it means mortgages, loans, or just living in a non-safe home until they raise enough money to fix the damages.

A lot of people that were employed by small businesses are now unemployed because the hurricane took their work place and business owners just can’t afford to keep them on a payroll, it’s really sad that kids had to wait for their schools to be rebuilt or put in safe conditions for them to continue with their studies, we are certain to say that everyone that was in the area at the moment of the hurricane was affected by it.

How to increase a culture of Prevention?

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Well, there are many ways to do this, but the most effective one is to start with yourself:

Stop and ask yourself

Is my family really safe?

Is the force of a hurricane really that predictable?

How am I choosing a hurricane protection system?

Am I really looking for quality or just going for the stuff everyone else uses without doing thorough research and looking at real facts and statistics?

Is it really more expensive to prevent than it is to fix damages after a hurricane hits?

I can guarantee you that all the people that suffered the damages of the rage of Odile have the answers to these questions.

So it’s all up to you, if you want to have the best hurricane protection system on the planet, Hurricane Solution is exactly what you are looking for, click here and contact us.

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